Zag's Secret

The human perceptual system is only programmed to notice what’s there, not what’s not there. In perceptual theory, the difference between THERE and NOT THERE is known as figure and ground, or positive and negative space. Artists are trained to appreciate both at once, which may explain why they sometimes notice things that others don’t.

White space. This is the secret of zagging

Be different...

Juice plans, creates and delivers targeted communication projects all over Italy: high end events, conventions, edutainment, corporate hospitality & incentives, territorial marketing projects, press office, campaigns and corporate communications.

No, really different!

An agency close to the domestic and international enterprises that offers the advantages of a different working method, conceived by people for other people, drawing inspiration from precise principles:

Collaboration, Territory, Tailoring, Innovation, Reliability, Trends, Web 2.0, Strategy, Culture, Quality, Consensus and Sustainability.




In most companies, strategy is separated from creativity by a wide gap!

A brand is a customer’s gut feeling about a product, service or company: like building a cathedral, building a brand is a collaborative project.





Because the mathematics of collaboration is nothing less than



Effective communication and marketing solutions that influence behaviour, unite consensus and arouse emotions.
Juice provides companies with a human bridge between strategies and creativeness, between logic and magic.






• Internal and institutional communication events: meetings, training sessions, corporate hospitality & incentives, parties, road shows, team-building, edutainment, sponsorships and grand events, award ceremonies.

• Marketing communication events: press conferences, open days, parties, initiatives in conjunction with commercial sponsorships, entertainment events for an external public, fairs and contests.

• Information events for specific targets: conferences, workshops, educational visits and promotours.


Our method

• Evaluation of the target

• Definition of companies’ aim

• Strategy and ideas

• Team player's, creativeness and planning

• Implementation and management

• Monitoring the action and assessment of results


Whatever your requirements in Tuscany and all over Italy -from a simple video production, set/stand design or on-site operation, to a full event production, incentive or conference programme– contact JuiceZAG for your Italy event partner.



"A brand is not what you say it is but it's what they say it is"



Specialised personnel use method and skill to suggest the correct branding actions, assisting companies in seeking and communicating about white spaces.



Originators of ideas. Juice is the expression of young entrepreneurs and a team of inspired professionals, whose aim is to reverse the flow and create a new trend.

Artistic ideas, 2.0 avant-gardes and internationally successful m.i.c.e. experiences choose the Region and converge on the Province of Florence.


We measure and design the most appropriate solutions, inspired by the company’s character and identity, prioritizing elegance over luxury, trend over fashion and long term consensus over transitory success.

A team of people united for a common purpose: to approach and provide the expertise of large communication agencies applying it in the context of small and medium enterprises.



Qualified event managers handling corporate events on behalf of a broad range of clients and overseas partners.



Juice assists many enterprises in the region and has business relations with large national companies and several multinational corporation.

zag's target: to grow the value of your brand

Zag Art

ZAG Art is an open space for contemporary arts, an on-line gallery of modern talents and emerging artists, who offer painting, performing art, sculpture, installations, street art and photography.

ZAG Art’s objective is to establish contacts and links between local entrepreneurs and local contemporary art, creating a mix of accessible art, branding experience, innovation and authentic patronage.

ZAG Art is an open invitation to stimulate creative people’s imagination and to enjoy the pleasure of commissioning an art work, or of finding “pieces” that communicate your own style because... patronage and sponsoring are two different trades.

ZAG ART: open space for local contemporary art talents







Enter the area that we have reserved for local contemporary art to become better acquainted with the current front-ranking artist and access the gallery of talents selected by ZAG Art »



Marble - 58x47x21cm - 2013



Marble, Reinforced Concrete - 60x60x60cm - 2013


Marble and reinforced concrete

Yellow marble, Pietraforte - 33x12x30cm - 2014

Yellow Ship

Yellow marble, Pietraforte

Marble, Pietraserena - 17x17x38cm - 2013

Cypress 2

Marble, Pietraserena


Paolo Benvenuti creates sculptures with his personal touch and with contemporary features. He likes to create paradoxes between the human and natural dimensions, geometry, solidity and shapeless abstractions of rough surfaces, making powerul contrasts between reason and instinct, producing refined pieces of continua »




Get into ZAG art Gallery: click here!

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